Our Irreplaceable Body


We look at drawings like this and we see that maybe we don’t have the accuracy of a camera but we have heart and we put passion into what we draw, it took me 3 days to complete this drawing where as a camera could snap a photo in 3 seconds. So why you may ask is the point? I would like to explore this question a little bit more. The Human body is a complex machine that has thousands of difference processes going on at the same time which is topped by a an equally complex sorting center that we call the brain, so What is the difference between the our Body and the Robot. This scenario will show you the answer:

You are at the opticians as you look around you the peoples faces are blurred and as you strain to pick out the features in their faces you feel a terrible pain in your head , they sit you down and say I’m sorry we can’t fix it. Yet in a parallel universe the same thing happens but the result is different they say Good News! we can replace your eye with a Robotic Eye isn’t that great! It won’t look the same but that won’t matter it means you can see better.

Now if I am right the second option disgusts you whats more I am guessing that you are thinking “When will it stop soon they will start replacing everything we have with robotic replacements” It is this natural reaction I am counting on it is called “Body Perception” which means that you view your body as yours and utterly irreplaceable it is this that separates us from our robotic counterparts.


By Faith Mclaine  


What is Cute?

I would like to start with an experiment to see if anyone thinks that my character is cute (read further for the Article)


Cute is “Delightfully pretty or dainty.” says the Dictionary but is this actually true that’s a very good question, what’s interesting is that the definition of cute is not the same for everyone however there are some basic instincts such as finding babies cute for example which you could call universal. The feeling a mother or father gets when holding their child is apparently characterized by what doctors call the “cute hormone” but the problem with saying that it is universal is that there are generally exceptions to the rule. For example people with Autism and Aspergers generally do not recognize this type of cuteness in children or babies I should know I am one. It would be interesting to see what others people explanation of cute is and I will add a further Article with interviews and references if you are seriously considering this subject. 

What is Real Art?

Many people ask the question. Some say well Art is the down to the admirer anything can be Art, but can it really Art is a very wide category but since when did Art become a squiggle and why what forced people to try out modern Art? Well it only took one thing in history to banish fine Artists and put them out of the job, any ideas? The CAMERA yes it captures images perfectly why would people need a drawing of the outside world if they could have an amazing Photograph. So did the Camera kill Art again the answer is Yes and No it damaged Fine Art, but made Art grow in other ways here are just a few:

  1. Anime
  2. Cartoon
  3. Manga
  4. Fantasy
  5. Comic
  6. Abstract

So are these all forms of Art? It may help to get the original definition of Art and see whether they meet the criteria.

“the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

So yes all these forms of Art have someone who admires them or they create political change just like the Renaissance. Anything that can be appreciated for what it is or for what philosophy it represents is Art.