Step by Step: Character Design Process

The Character design process is an easy one to follow as I have tried and tested it myself one of the key steps is to find and gather photographs of what material the character is made out of what eyes and feet look like etc.


pinterestPinterest: Is a great way of gathering these photographs a very simple and easy way.

Click the Link to view mine –> My Pinterest

Well done!!! Next we need to look at what kind of character you would like to make, I recommend this book “Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel” it really helped me. There are some key points from the book and it would be good i you could do this with every character you make as it makes your character more believable and will help you draw it accurately.

What does your Character Do?

What Interests does your Character have?

Where does your Character live?

What is your Characters secret?

What does your Character want?


Do some sketching like the above find out whether you want it too look menacing and evil or too adorable to resist. I told you Character design wasn’t that hard this is where we revert back to pinterest for example if I wanted to make mine an “Egg Character” I need to know what an Egg looks like instead of guessing which is the sin of the Art world in Character Design always have a reference.

Ready for the Final Draft? Use different types of pencils for this I used a 3B, HB and 3H and then to stop it from disintegrating the paper weird I know, and to reduce smudging Get your hair out!!! And spray over the page. We are at the end now don’t forget to share and follow me on Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram: @ArtyAspie



Shading- Art Tips

Shading is very important it makes a picture come to life in this post I am going to show how shading makes a difference and how it can liven up your Art. I have noticed that a lot of Artists or just somebody who is interested in Art generally doesn’t use shading or if they do it is minimal, this kills the piece of Art I see this a lot with my sister let me give you an example:

Without shading:



With shading:



I know this is just a simple sketch but it demonstrates my point that shading is highly important for a few reasons

  1. It helps the your eyes figure out where the light is coming from
  2. It shows that you have spent a lot of time on the drawing
  3. Makes whatever you are drawing look 3D