The Sexism Virus

Please watch this I promise that you will not regret it.

Now that I have shared this with you please share it with someone else you know whether it is a girl or a guy it’s important that people know because they more something the more things like Rape, Assault and Cat Calling becomes an epidemic. The video speaks for itself but I just wanted to share a few words of my own experience. I am what you call Asexual and before you judge me no it has nothing to do with plants and no I am not Gay (although I was bullied for exactly the second reason) basically I experience no sexual attraction to cut it short. Anyway I started to notice that when I was 16 I began to mature I would hear comments like “Hey babe come over here…” my view was that this experience was normal quite a few times someone on the bus would move closer to me and I wouldn’t think anything of it. I also had the unfortunate experience of a stalker and I was so scared I came out of college I noticed that this guy behind me was following me but I didn’t know him he caught me up and said “Hey Babe can I have you number” I said no very firmly and carried on walking to the Bus stop he followed and asked me several more times my first thought was I might get assaulted and I was so scared, I repeatedly told him no and that I was not interested and finally he said I hope to see you later he said with a big smile as I got n the Bus. I have to say that it was such a terrifying experience as it was dark and there was nobody else around, when did it get to this where women were treated as property something to win or catch? Now I just wanted to say that I am not the type of girl to wear revealing items of clothing my wardrobe collection consists of Jogging Bottoms and Loose Jeans, I started to notice that people around me would look me up and down with horrible glare and would mutter among st themselves. You may think I have experienced that or maybe you have experienced worse or maybe you are a parent or a young child and stumbled across this I have news for you that you are not alone, if this kind of behavior is Normal then we live in a sick and dying world a world that doesn’t care and cruel world where we raise children to become monsters based on our own ignorance.