The Sexism Virus

Please watch this I promise that you will not regret it.

Now that I have shared this with you please share it with someone else you know whether it is a girl or a guy it’s important that people know because they more something the more things like Rape, Assault and Cat Calling becomes an epidemic. The video speaks for itself but I just wanted to share a few words of my own experience. I am what you call Asexual and before you judge me no it has nothing to do with plants and no I am not Gay (although I was bullied for exactly the second reason) basically I experience no sexual attraction to cut it short. Anyway I started to notice that when I was 16 I began to mature I would hear comments like “Hey babe come over here…” my view was that this experience was normal quite a few times someone on the bus would move closer to me and I wouldn’t think anything of it. I also had the unfortunate experience of a stalker and I was so scared I came out of college I noticed that this guy behind me was following me but I didn’t know him he caught me up and said “Hey Babe can I have you number” I said no very firmly and carried on walking to the Bus stop he followed and asked me several more times my first thought was I might get assaulted and I was so scared, I repeatedly told him no and that I was not interested and finally he said I hope to see you later he said with a big smile as I got n the Bus. I have to say that it was such a terrifying experience as it was dark and there was nobody else around, when did it get to this where women were treated as property something to win or catch? Now I just wanted to say that I am not the type of girl to wear revealing items of clothing my wardrobe collection consists of Jogging Bottoms and Loose Jeans, I started to notice that people around me would look me up and down with horrible glare and would mutter among st themselves. You may think I have experienced that or maybe you have experienced worse or maybe you are a parent or a young child and stumbled across this I have news for you that you are not alone, if this kind of behavior is Normal then we live in a sick and dying world a world that doesn’t care and cruel world where we raise children to become monsters based on our own ignorance.


Aspergers 101

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Aspergers 101

Hi my name is Faith and I have Aspergers as many of you know a Blogger and a Youtuber but something has come to my attention since I was diagnosed about 2 months ago I realized that my family did not know what it mean’t, all of these things have been said to me I regret to say. There are some things that I want to clear up and please Retweet and Share to help Autism Awareness:

That Autistic people have no Emotions: This is crazy, first of all every human has emotions of some kind if only the basic emotions and secondly we feel emotions more intensely than everyone else (due to sensitivity) so we can choose to turn them off or not let them show. However I found that this usually comes to bite you on the butt in the end.

That Autism is a Mental Illness that needs to be cured: I find this the most offensive out of all of the insults because it attacks me and other people with Autism personally, so a mental illness is something (generally) that you develop and you do not develop Autism you are born with it. Secondly we don’t need to be cured however like everyone else we need help to soften the rough edges and to focus our strengths which is how so many other Autistic famous people are rolling in it (have a lot of money). When you are obsessed with your job it is half the battle.

People with Autism are just dramatizing:  Once again nobody would choose to be so sensitive to a sound that it physically hurts their ears, we don’t choose to have very few friends and we definitely do not choose to be misunderstood nobody does.

Web header

Had my first customer I wounder who is going to be the second its nice to get noticed let me know what you think and yes it has my watermark on it so that nobody will copy.. 



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Step by Step: YouTube Banners


So you want to build a cool YouTube Art Banner?

I created this today in only an One Hour or Two.

Here are my steps to help you out:

  1. Decide what you are trying to say or if you are making it for someone else get them to sketch it or give you their ideas on what they are trying to get across
  2. Who is your audience and what do they like?
  3. First find or Make a background for your YouTube Channel the size of the white area around should be 2560x1440px and the actual banner should be 1546x423px 
  4. Make sure you put the Text or Icon on the Right Hand side because you profile logo for YouTube will appear on the Left Hand side
  5. Find yourself a good Font this Font I found using a site that is free called DaFont just click the Link and Donate a bit to the Author : )
  6. Simple Have a nice day if you have any questions or would like me to make your Channels YouTube Banner just let me know by leaving a comment or using the contact page