Aspergers 101

2014-10-13 23.28.26

Aspergers 101

Hi my name is Faith and I have Aspergers as many of you know a Blogger and a Youtuber but something has come to my attention since I was diagnosed about 2 months ago I realized that my family did not know what it mean’t, all of these things have been said to me I regret to say. There are some things that I want to clear up and please Retweet and Share to help Autism Awareness:

That Autistic people have no Emotions: This is crazy, first of all every human has emotions of some kind if only the basic emotions and secondly we feel emotions more intensely than everyone else (due to sensitivity) so we can choose to turn them off or not let them show. However I found that this usually comes to bite you on the butt in the end.

That Autism is a Mental Illness that needs to be cured: I find this the most offensive out of all of the insults because it attacks me and other people with Autism personally, so a mental illness is something (generally) that you develop and you do not develop Autism you are born with it. Secondly we don’t need to be cured however like everyone else we need help to soften the rough edges and to focus our strengths which is how so many other Autistic famous people are rolling in it (have a lot of money). When you are obsessed with your job it is half the battle.

People with Autism are just dramatizing:  Once again nobody would choose to be so sensitive to a sound that it physically hurts their ears, we don’t choose to have very few friends and we definitely do not choose to be misunderstood nobody does.