“Hidden Language” By Faith Mclaine

Book Cover


There is a Hidden Language a Language that not everyone can access where even your eyes and posture tell a story a narrative for those on the Autism Spectrum and others it becomes almost impossible to understand these cues. This book will show the intricacies of the Hidden Language and what they all mean in a funny and dynamic first person perspective. So welcome to our world! Come on in the door is open…


Bullying Behaviors


Hello reader you may have experienced this behavior or even seen it, Why does it happen? Many people have suggested many reasons why bullying happens including:

  • Pack mentality
  • Immaturity
  • Bullied Victims
  • Personality
  • Upbringing/Environment

What ever the reasons for bullying are, can it really be excused and why is it that the victim gets briefed, and told what to do and where to be. Personally I have had quite a lot of experience with bullying because of my color my Autism and my personality. If everyone does their bit to fight bullying including teachers, students and parents don’t say things like “It will get better”, “boys will be boys” and “children are like that”. ¬†Hopefully one step at a time we will change our world.