What would you change about the Government?


What, would you change if you could change anything about the government? Personally if I could change anything it would be making the government just that little bit more down to earth and understanding of people. Talking about government it’s interesting what is happening in Hong Kong I don’t know what your thinking about it but it could be the signs of revolution. So what would you change? It would be interesting to hear some stories as well if possible.



It only takes one

This is based on all the “isms” every time someone has made you feel ashamed of you color and race it is so sad that someone can make you feel so small and helpless so share this painting of mine so we can fight it one step at a time.

What is Cute?

I would like to start with an experiment to see if anyone thinks that my character is cute (read further for the Article)


Cute is “Delightfully pretty or dainty.” says the Dictionary but is this actually true that’s a very good question, what’s interesting is that the definition of cute is not the same for everyone however there are some basic instincts such as finding babies cute for example which you could call universal. The feeling a mother or father gets when holding their child is apparently characterized by what doctors call the “cute hormone” but the problem with saying that it is universal is that there are generally exceptions to the rule. For example people with Autism and Aspergers generally do not recognize this type of cuteness in children or babies I should know I am one. It would be interesting to see what others people explanation of cute is and I will add a further Article with interviews and references if you are seriously considering this subject. 

No More Marvel Surprises



captain america


Captain America is now an African American and Thor is now a Woman! 

One question we all want to ask is why did Marvel do this what was their reason for doing this? I am going to suggest some points of why they may have chosen to do this.

  1. To get the African community on board 
  2. To gain the Feminist and Women’s interest in Comics and Marvel films


But my question is why did they take two of the most well known characters and change their identity? My guess is as good as yours but these are two possible explanations for it. I say if you want to gain our vote marvel then do not change a popular characters identity but create a more popular character to compete with the unbalance. I am Faith Mclaine I am Black and a Woman. 

Web header

Had my first customer I wounder who is going to be the second its nice to get noticed let me know what you think and yes it has my watermark on it so that nobody will copy.. 



If you need a web header, twitter or a YouTube header let me know:


My New Banner

I now have a new banner for my YouTube Arty Tutorial Channel Whoop! Whoop! Took me ages I am so fussy I was wondering what you guys thought ???

Channel Art


I love making them if anyone needs a Banner just message me using my contact page I would be happy to help.

Step by Step: YouTube Banners


So you want to build a cool YouTube Art Banner?

I created this today in only an One Hour or Two.

Here are my steps to help you out:

  1. Decide what you are trying to say or if you are making it for someone else get them to sketch it or give you their ideas on what they are trying to get across
  2. Who is your audience and what do they like?
  3. First find or Make a background for your YouTube Channel the size of the white area around should be 2560x1440px and the actual banner should be 1546x423px 
  4. Make sure you put the Text or Icon on the Right Hand side because you profile logo for YouTube will appear on the Left Hand side
  5. Find yourself a good Font this Font I found using a site that is free called DaFont just click the Link and Donate a bit to the Author : )
  6. Simple Have a nice day if you have any questions or would like me to make your Channels YouTube Banner just let me know by leaving a comment or using the contact page

Art: Perspective


So PERSPECTIVE scary word! It is actually very easy and there are some very easy, simple steps that you can use to accomplish this as well. This is my first go of perspective and I thought initially that it would be very difficult and time consuming, Ok well it is time consuming I’m not gonna lie.

I will be making a YouTube video to follow up on how to do this in the coming days…

There are a few types of perspective but they generally start out like this:



They all start with a point a single dot in one point perspective yes you guessed it there is only one dot in two point perspective two dots where they go depends on where you want the horizon to be. You draw the lines of the street or the room all aiming for the dot in the horizon, you will need:

  1. Ruler
  2. Pencil HB
  3. Paper
  4. Photo of textures and materials you will use in your street or room

All of the lines that go more or less vertically need to be in line with the dot or dots depending on which dot the lines are closest to if you notice all of the horizontal lines are straight and do not point towards the dot.

If you found this at least slightly helpful share it with a friend or follow me on Twitter or on WordPress to hear about the update of my YouTube Art Channel.

Have a nice day : )

What is Real Art?

Many people ask the question. Some say well Art is the down to the admirer anything can be Art, but can it really Art is a very wide category but since when did Art become a squiggle and why what forced people to try out modern Art? Well it only took one thing in history to banish fine Artists and put them out of the job, any ideas? The CAMERA yes it captures images perfectly why would people need a drawing of the outside world if they could have an amazing Photograph. So did the Camera kill Art again the answer is Yes and No it damaged Fine Art, but made Art grow in other ways here are just a few:

  1. Anime
  2. Cartoon
  3. Manga
  4. Fantasy
  5. Comic
  6. Abstract

So are these all forms of Art? It may help to get the original definition of Art and see whether they meet the criteria.

“the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

So yes all these forms of Art have someone who admires them or they create political change just like the Renaissance. Anything that can be appreciated for what it is or for what philosophy it represents is Art.