What is Cute?

I would like to start with an experiment to see if anyone thinks that my character is cute (read further for the Article)


Cute is “Delightfully pretty or dainty.” says the Dictionary but is this actually true that’s a very good question, what’s interesting is that the definition of cute is not the same for everyone however there are some basic instincts such as finding babies cute for example which you could call universal. The feeling a mother or father gets when holding their child is apparently characterized by what doctors call the “cute hormone” but the problem with saying that it is universal is that there are generally exceptions to the rule. For example people with Autism and Aspergers generally do not recognize this type of cuteness in children or babies I should know I am one. It would be interesting to see what others people explanation of cute is and I will add a further Article with interviews and references if you are seriously considering this subject. 


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