This blog post is about painting just giving you the steps of how to create a watercolour like this:



Ok here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have suitable paper (no ordinary paper will do because normal paper cannot withstand the amount of water) so watercolour paper would be best
  2. Make sure you have suitable brushes (the last thing you want to happen is for the brushes bristles to come off while you are painting)
  3. Do what we call a wash creating the background which basically means you need to use a little amount of paint and a lot of water (in this case I used cream)
  4. Do the outline of what you are doing very lightly in pencil use a 2H or 3H preferably so that you can hardly see the outline only faintly
  5. Next step is to use the bold colour first so in this case Purple and work your way in by smudging on the inside using only water
  6. Add the middle colour to what you are doing in this case yellow and this time use water to work the colour outwards
  7. Finally use the a cream colour to go over what you have done. Have fun : )

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