Making Art modern




So we all know that Artists are amazing people but in this world how does all of this work most of us can’t just paint and have the selling skills as well to sell the painting. Well in this Blog post I am going to tell you from my perspective how to modernize Art.

I come from a family of Artists that all tried in various ways to become Artist not generally in the modern sense for this Blog post I am going to call it (Ancient Art) my Grandma and two Uncles had gone to Art college my family were not very well off the problem with this approach going from Art college to the street is:

  1. Selling Art doesn’t mean that the Art is actually any good in fact sometimes quite the opposite 
  2. Status Artists selling the Ancient way going on the Streets and trying to sell their Artwork that way generally fail
  3. You have to be in with the Art trends if you are not aware of this then (the people that you are aiming at may not be able to interpret the soul of what you are doing)

All of these factors mean that we can’t do things in the same way that we used to we have to revolutionize our approach to selling Art or we have to change the type of Art. Stay with me… Here are some things that might help you change the family chain of events and by the way yes my Arty family failed to do it the Ancient Art way.

  1. Utilize Social networks- I am only beginning to find this out sites like Twitter using business Twitter hours are essential (if you want to know more about this then leave a comment on the contact page I will get back to you)
  2. Google+ is also a good way of marketing mainly because you can link Youtube together 
  3. Of course use WordPress but you need to be serious about this in order that you don’t have to write and rewrite a bit more WordPress has the ability to link all these together (use the contact page on my website if you want too know more)
  4. This is a fourth option you can change the type of Art that you do to get to a different market try looking at Graphic design or Animation it only took me six weeks to learn about this 

I hope this helped : )


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